schema english

Schema english of the boat water trips the Neva River of the Saint-Petersburg, Russia


Boat trips along the Neva River, the rivers and canals

o    Grand Petersburg (on the Neva Tour)

o    North Venice (tour of the canals and the Neva)

o    Night drawbridges (walk along the Neva River with music, restaurant)

o    Angloturizmo - Venice of the North (a tour of the canals and the Neva)

o    Grand Petersburg (with access to the Gulf of Finland)

o    Northern islands of the Neva Delta (tour of the Neva and the Gulf of Finland)

o    Dinner cruise (walk along the Neva River with music, restaurant)

o    Jazz steamer (walk along the Neva River with music, restaurant)

o    Aqua-party (walk under drawbridges)

o    Night drawbridges (with excursion)

o    Bridges hung over the Neva (the bridges with music)

o    City Tour. Canal Cruise

·         Flight schedule

o    Daily flights

o    Evening flights

o    Night flights

o    Schedule the bridges

·         PAYMENT of the water excursions and walks

·         PLACES OF DEPARTURE (driving directions)

o    Pier "Descent with the lions" (from the Palace Bridge)

o    Berth "Fontanka 27" (from Anichkov Bridge)

o    "Senate marina" (from the Bronze Horseman-Medny vsadnik)

o    Routes

·         Individual tours and boat trips

o    Motor yachts for walks and excursions

o    Mobile reception for individual walks

·         Rent ships with a buffet / banquet and without

·         MOTOR SHIPS

o    Ship restaurant ASTRA

o    Ship restaurant MOSCOW

o    Menu map ASTRA restaurant

o    Menu lunch-dinner restaurant ASTRA

o    Ship Senator

o    The ship-restaurant "City Blues"

o    Ship on small rivers and canals (waterbus)

·         CUSTOM TOURS